Why Chambers do Ribbon Cuttings

Jan 24, 2019  -  Chamber Announcements | Enumclaw News

We get asked these questions frequently: "Aren't Ribbon Cuttings only for new businesses?" "What is a Ribbon Cutting and why would our business do it?"

Ribbon Cuttings are the Chamber of Commerce's way of welcoming your business into our membership, a membership of your local business colleagues who understand the power of the collective and the power of knowledge and support. Membership in the Chamber of Commerce means you just joined a nonprofit who is dedicated to the success of your business, and that's huge! Membership in the Enumclaw Chamber of Commerce means you will receive information to help inform you about local, regional and national matters concerning your business so that you can effectively engage with those events, groups and entities who support your mission statement. It means you are connected to your community and have a voice through the Chamber.

When the Chamber of Commerce does a Ribbon Cutting, a crowd gathers! Business owners invite friends, colleagues and family, Chamber Board members attend, the Mayor and City Councilmembers are invited, your photo of cutting that big red ribbon with those huge scissors is highlighted in the Courier Herald to remind everyone in the area what a fantastic business you have and why they should patronize it. It's all about celebrating your business!

If you have recently joined the Chamber of Commerce, let's do a Ribbon Cutting! If you aren't a member, let's talk about how the Chamber of Commerce can support your business. Contact Troy Couch, Executive Director, at [email protected] or 360-825-7666 anytime.